Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 Things We Love about Mo!

Zion got to have his very first sleepover last week! Our friend Emily was unexpectedly playing angel/caregiver (she is a natural, and is destined to be a midwife!!!) and we were blessed to have her two-year-old son as our house guest. How do I put this?... MO BLEW US AWAY! Here are just a few charming moments.

• Mo always says AND signs please when making any request.
• Mo will eat absolutely anything.
• Mo fell asleep peacefully next to my side of the bed and slept through the entire night after Jason read him a book.
• Mo loves to dance.
• While Zion was napping, Mo was happy to hang with me and help with chores around the house.
• Mo quietly showed me a gnarly splinter in his foot and allowed Jason to remove it with sharp tweezers without making a peep.
• Mo shared all toys with Zion without any intervention.
• Mo and Zion took a bath together and giggled over BRUSHING THEIR TEETH for over an hour.
• Mo is very generous with hugs and loves to cuddle.
• Mo was all smiles, even after being away from Mama for 24 hours!

If there is any doubt that Attachment Parenting works, maybe Emily and Roger will let you borrow their sweet boy for a day?! Please take any ideas you may have about the terrible twos and flush them down the toilet!... Oh, did I mention Mo uses the potty?