Friday, June 26, 2009

No, it’s not Oprah and Bon-Bons…

When asked, “What do you do all day?”, I usually draw a blank. I find being a SAHM quite stimulating, we always manage to stay busy! And if you’ve stopped by my house unexpectedly, you’d know I don’t spend much time cleaning! Here is a snapshot of the past two days…


• Breakfast and play date with Grandma and Grandpa Haywood.
• Costco with Rachel and Galilee (Zion’s BFF). We love being a spectacle. We are always stopped and questioned if the babies are twins. While eating out with Jason, (Haven was away at work) I’ve even tried out the whole “Rachel is our second wife and we planned to have our babies four days apart” response. Reaction: “Whatever works for you, just don’t run out on the check”!!! Another cool moment: I wore Zion on my hip in the Ergobaby and put my nursing cover on. He ate while I shopped…could it get any easier?
• Picked Jason up from work, drove to Hillcrest to buy a compact dryer we found on craigslist. Jason wowed us all by carrying it to the van by himself. What a man.
• Ate dinner at Pizza Fusion where Zion melted my Italian heart by dipping his whole grain breadstick in marinara, oil and vinegar AND olive tapenade.
• Jason wore the Ergobaby and we walked to Best Start to show Zion where he was born. Yes we were teary-eyed, and feeling so blessed to be part of this loving community.


• Stroller Strides in San Marcos. We try to go four times a week. I actually feel like my old self again! While we are doing ab exercises, Zion does not hesitate crawl around and visit other Mamas and babies (and steal their toys). I am always keenly aware of how secure he is. Another proud-Mama moment.
• Lunch and play date with Robin and Fairfax. Robin was my boss while I was pregnant, and one of the main contributors to my overwhelming enjoyment of pregnancy, she is a gift from heaven! Zion chased Fairfax around, he just loves animals. Weird. You know me and Jason! Achoo!
• Picked up Daddy from work and did something I never imagined would take place…we adopted two cats; Izzy and Blane (or to Jason; Cat 1 and Cat 2). We thought some furry friends might enjoy country-living, and make it a little less like a Bambi movie around here. Jason fishes rodents out of the pool on a weekly basis, hopefully that is about to change!
• I went to Dream Dinners with Michelle while Jason and Zion did man-stuff. Michelle is in her 3rd trimester now and looking as cute as ever!
• Made dinner; fresh rosemary rubbed pork. We’ve really been into homemade sweet potato “fries” lately. Zion loves them. He’s pretty much eating everything we do now. But he still LOVES THE BOOB (Now that is a proud-Daddy moment)!

So there you have it. Every day I try to show Jason how appreciative I am for this life we are enjoying. No, it’s not Oprah and Bon-Bons…it’s much, much better!

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  1. You are so cute! "back to your old self" Do you mean physically or mentally?